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There are a few things you’ve probably been missing since you cut dairy out of your life, and these basic dairy free recipes are sure to satisfy those cravings.

I truly believe there’s nothing that can’t be made dairy free, and I try to keep things simple because I know how hard dairy free life can be.

I love nothing more than finding creative ways to replace cheese in recipes, like the toasted coconut in my broccoli salad recipe or the capers that replaced feta in my Mediterranean chickpea salad.

Most of these dairy free recipes can be made with simple substitutions like replacing milk with almond milk or using olive oil Some of my all time favorite dairy free recipes fall into this category: almond milk pancakesolive oil brownies, and homemade chocolate pudding.

Others, like my dairy free mac and cheese and homemade ranch dip rely on substitutes, such as dairy free butter or vegan yogurt, to achieve the ultimate flavor dupe.

If you have a bit of extra time on your hands, you can even try making your own almond cheesetofu ricotta or vegan nutella.