stack of oatmeal cookies

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  1. These are delicious! So glad to find this recipe and this site where there is yummy food I can actually eat! I was recently taken off dairy and soy while breastfeeding my daughter.

  2. Hi,

    These vegan oatmeal cookies are the best looking ones I’ve found while searching for a good vegan recipe! I’m not vegan but am allergic to dairy and try not to eat eggs. Instead of the flaxseed egg replacement can you use vegetable oil instead? Or is that a different consistency? Thanks!


    1. If anyone is still wondering, no, that wouldn’t work. The flax egg acts as a binder, just like fowl eggs. The proteins denature (solidify) at high temperatures, holding the cookies together. Vegetable oil would tend to have the opposite effect.

    2. flax eggs aren’t real eggs lol. they’re made using ground flax seeds and water. it acts as a substitute to eggs, thus the name flax egg.

  3. I subbed the vegan butter for real butter (not vegan, just out of eggs :)), omitted the raisins, and rolled the tops in coarse brown sugar. SO delicious! Crunchy on the top and sides, chewy and thick on the inside.

  4. These cookies are AMAZING!! My kids say they’re better than the soft, chewy oatmeal raisin cookies from Subway – only we leave out the raisins, because they don’t like them.
    Anyway, I tried this recipe last night and ate half the batch myself, so I had to bake some more today. So easy, so cheap and absolutely divine!

  5. I made these cookies today and my husband who loves oatmeal cookies says their great! That is good enough for me. Thank you for posting this recipe.

  6. Loved these cookies! We didn’t add the 2 tbsp to both kinds of sugar and they were still plenty sweet. No one could even tell they were vegan

  7. AMAZING!!!!! As an oatmeal raisin cookie fan, these are my favourite vegan cookies I’ve ever mad! Thank you!

  8. Followed the recipe exactly. Reminds me of the oatmeal cookies my grandmother made for breakfast when stayed at her summer cottage in Michigan. We just shifted to a plant forward diet. This recipe is amazing.

  9. Legit best cookies I ever made. This is coming from an omnivore hoping to transfer to a full vegan one day. Thank youuuuu!

    1. We love this recipe. Thank you. I’ve used an all-purpose gluten free flour or oat flour and its turned out great. Added vegan chocolate chips and walnuts also to change it up a bit.

  10. Hi! This looks great. Do you think that I could use a regular egg instead of the flax egg? I am dairy free not vegan. Thanks!

      1. Did you follow the recipe as written? If so, there’s a chance that you didn’t measure your flour correctly. I’d love to help you figure out what went wrong. Feel free to email me!

  11. This recipe is just perfect. The cookies were crisp on the outside and soft+slightly chewy on the inside. Thank you! (I used peanut butter + olive oil (1:1) as “vegan butter” and the results were great)

  12. Sorry to report that this resulted in a sad affair. My cookies came out super dry and extremely crumbly. Followed the recipe, and have never had my cookies fail before, so i won’t be using this recipe again.

  13. I followed the recipe and the cookies came out Perfect! Crunchy on the outside, soft inside, very nice.

  14. These cookies are amazing!!! I substituted monk fruit for the white sugar, and instead of a whole 1/2 cup of vegan butter, I used 1/4 cup vegan butter and a 1/4 cup of unsweetened applesauce. Usually when I do this to other recipes, the result turns out super dry and cakey.. this recipe is magic!

    1. Okay thank you cara bc that’s what I was going to do use monk fruit and apple sauce instead of the flax seed egg thanks so much

  15. These are the best oatmeal cookies I have ever had! Non-vegan family and friends love them, they have become a staple in my cookie rotation; thank you so much for the recipe!
    These cookies are the perfect texture of a proper oatmeal cookie 😛 and just the right amount of sweet and chewy!

  16. Yep, definitely not disappointed. These were so good! We used real egg, swapped choc chips for the raisins, and used quick cook steel cut oats (all we had on hand), and surprisingly they turned out great!!! I can imagine old fashioned oats would be perfect. Adding this one to our family recipe book for sure.

    1. Yes, unless you want to substitute it with a different egg replacement, but if you do make sure you leave out the water.

    1. I love this recipe! I used crisco shortening instead of vegan butter because it’s cheaper, yet still vegan. The cookies turned out great! I made 28 and my non-veg family tore through them in 2 days. The cinnamon was perfect.

      The only issue I had was that the cookies didn’t really flatten the way that they should have based on your pictures. Other vegan cookies I’ve made had the same issue. I’m new to baking and am not sure why that happens, do you have any tips?

      1. In general, shortening has a lower water content than vegan butter, so that will probably prevent them from spreading as much. If you want yours to spread and still use shortening, try adding 1 – 3 teaspoons of water to the dough to see if that helps.

  17. I have made these twice and they were amazing both times! I am gluten free and substituted gluten free flour. Thanks for the great recipe!

  18. This was a free-for-all vegan cookie making venture for me as I was low on everything! Was low on vegan butter so used 1/4 c vegan butter 1/8 c olive oil 1/8 cup applesauce. Used Gluten free flour, substituted with overnight oats w/ dates and raisins. I was prepared to leave them out for the possum family outside, but somehow they turned out amazingly well! Soft and chewy. Will definitely follow your recipe to the letter next time I’m not lazy and rained in! Thank you for the great recipe. : )

  19. These cookies are delicious! They are the most requested baked good from friends. Thank you for such a yummy recipe. ❤️

  20. I almost skipped over this recipe in favour for one that had more than 1000 reviews. But I’m glad I didn’t. These were amazing! My husband had been asking for chewy oatmeal cookies for some time and we both love them. I bookmarked this recipe and will definitely be making again, like some time next week ;-). The only modification I made was leaving out the extra tablespoons of sugar and it was plenty sweet for our taste. I also wasn’t sure whether to flatten them down, so I left them in little mounds and they took a good 5-6min longer to cook. Next time I will flatten a bit.

  21. I used the vegan butter as called for. The only difference for me is I subbed sprouted oats and blueberries for the raisins. mine didn’t flatten either and were a bit crumbly. Maybe from the sprouted oats, although oats are gluten-free so…?

  22. My nonvegan sister brought these to my party and everyone loved them! I think these were the best oatmeal raisin cookies I’ve ever had, and they are one of my favorites to begin with. So now I’m making them for her birthday party.

    Does the recipe really yield 30 cookies as is? I’d usually double a batch of cookies for a party but 30 is a lot to begin with so if it’s around that, I’d be good. Thanks for the help!

  23. Delicious, but doesn’t make 30 cookies if you’re actually using a 2 Tbl scoop. I got 16 out of it. I didn’t have vegan butter, (which I think is disgusting anyway,) so I substituted extra virgin coconut oil. I never used white granulated sugar, but coconut sugar made a fine substitute. The brown sugar I use is real brown molasses sugar, not the fake stuff that is white sugar with molasses added. And I added a couple squirts of butterscotch stevia to the homemade vanilla. Also, my clan doesn’t like raisins, so I used apple juice infused cranberries. Came out great and tasted awesome!

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