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  1. I love this list! Totally applies to us right now. We are slowly setting up our kitchen here. Usually I try to plan for the week and buy accordingly, but I am missing something often, because I am so used to having pantry staples that Is never worry about.

    1. Moving makes it so hard! Especially when you’re abroad. Some basic staples aren’t so easy to find! I hope you get that kitchen fully stocked soon! How long will you guys be in the same location?

  2. What a useful post! When it comes to groceries, I’m an impulse shopper and I often run out of basics such as dried herbs and diced tomatoes, because I’m drawn to the fresh herbs shelves and delicacy counter instead:)

    1. Oh I am too! Fresh herbs are just so much more flavorful, but I try to always stock the dried stuff to just so we have them when we need it.

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