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  1. hi Melissa! I completely forgot (or I hadn’t read the “About Me” in a while) that your husband plays hockey overseas. I am in the same situation! My husband plays basketball overseas, and I just moved to Athens, Greece this year. It’s my first year abroad away from everything I know..but it’s definitely a fun adventure most of the time. Good luck to you this year living abroad! I love your recipes and blog, so thank you for sharing it with all of us 🙂

    1. Athens? I’m so jealous! Are you loving it so far? I spent a lot of time dwelling on the differences/inconveniences in the beginning when we were living in France and now that we aren’t there anymore I really regret not enjoying every second of it. I did enjoy most of it, but if I had one bit of advice that would be it. The more you embrace it, the better. Oh and take as many pictures as you can. I wish I had started documenting and blogging from day one. Anyway, I hope you love it, and would – of course – love to hear all about it! Good luck to you, your husband and his team this season!

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