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Thursday Things: La Baule, Le Puy du Fou & Goodbyes

Right now we’re in Paris tonight waiting to leave for Canada in the morning. It’s be a long time since the hockey season ended and we had a lot of time to make great memories with our friends here.

la baule 2 s

Last week, we took a day trip to the beach at La Baule. It was about an hour drive there, and we spent the afternoon sitting on the beach taking in the sun, enjoyed a great dinner and then stopped by the casino for a little bit.

la baule 1

We also took a trip to Le Puy du Fou, which is a historical theme park with all different sorts of shows and little time-warped villages where they sell [overpriced] artisan goods. While the shows were a bit ridiculous and geared toward children, there were still pretty impressive and fun to watch. Plus we got to spend the day doing something new.

puy du fou 2puy du fou 1

My favorite of all the shows was La Bal des Oiseaux Fantomes (The Dance of the Phantom Birds). At one point during the show there was about 100 birds – maybe more – flying just above our heads and swooping one way or another. All sorts of cool birds too – owls, eagles, vultures, condors, and more.

puy du fou 4

puy du fou 3

puy du fou 7

puy du fou 6

The rest of our days in Angers were spent hanging out with friends and packing our things for the summer. We still aren’t sure where we’ll be next year so I’m really thankful that we were able to spend some much time with the great friends we have made over our last three years here. It’s always hard saying goodbye, but the memories make it a little bit easier.

Our next few months will be spent visiting family and friends and enjoying the summer. Who knows what the future will hold for us after the summer, but I’m excited for this next chapter at home.

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