Sometimes I want to share things with you, but I feel weird babbling about too much before getting to my recipes. That’s why I’ve decided to start a weekly update post on the random things going on in my life and other things I find cool. I’m calling it Thursday Things, and I hope you like it!

tulips S

In less than one month, some of my very best friends are coming to visit. We are going to be spending a few days here in Angers and then taking a road trip to Amsterdam. I’m so excited about this for so many reasons. First, we get to spend time with our friends who we don’t get to see often enough. Second, the tulips are going to be in bloom. I’ve wanted to see the Dutch tulips in bloom ever since we moved to Europe – maybe even before that. Third, we are staying on a houseboat in the canals. I never imagined doing anything like that, but apparently we are going to Amsterdam during a busy season and we were having a hard time finding reasonably priced hotels. But I really think it’s going to be an awesome experience and I’m even more excited to go now.

Les Ducs d'Angers

After a really intense game on Tuesday – and I mean intense for us people watching it – our guys are moving on in the playoffs to the semi-finals! I couldn’t be happier for Marc and the rest of his team. I’m so excited that the season isn’t over.  It means I get to spend more time with our friends here and I get to watch Marc play more. It also means lots more game day naps (and me being as quiet as possible during them) and maybe a few more girls nights. And tomorrow night’s the first game in the next series.

Watch this video and see how cute the twin baby sloths are. I know it sort of seems sad a first because they are sick, but the woman who cares for these little guys is amazing, and just wait till the end. How adorable are little sloth babies in matching pajamas?!

Happy Thursday!

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