1. Just before we left for Amsterdam, I ordered a new camera bag for my DSLR from Jo Totes, and I love it. It was perfect for sightseeing and it looks just like a purse so I don’t look like such a nerd with a bulky camera bag. Plus it has tons of zippy sections and other compartments – including an “iPad” sleeve which perfectly fits my Kindle. I think it’s going to be great for our upcoming flights home and any other traveling I might be doing in the future. I just love it.

2. Speaking of going home… Right now we are waiting to find out where we will be next year before we book our flights home. That way we can determine if we need to bring everything home, move it to a new city or put it in storage. So now we wait – something I’m absolutely terrible at. I think I’m driving Marc crazy asking constantly if he’s heard from his agent or what he thinks will happen, etc. But, we have decided that we’ll be flying from Paris to Canada and then going to Wisconsin about a month after that.

3. Whenever we get back, I’m immediately buying this Nordic Ware Pocket Pie Crimper and making mini hand pies of all kinds, peach pie, strawberry pie, apple pie, even meat pies. Marc LOVES pie, and we are going to get a lot of use out of this sucker. And, it’s only eight bucks!

The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy Etsy Shop

4. I’m loving this Etsy shop – the wheatfield by katie daisy – right now. The prints are so beautiful and I love the ones with quotes. I’m debating between this one and this one, but I’ll have to wait till we figure out where we will be next season before I make any decisions.

Discovery of Witches

5.  Last night I finished reading the book I started on our drive back from Amsterdam. I really liked A Discovery of Witches – a story of witch who comes to terms with her power and falls in love with a really old vampire along the way – and the history that is incorporated in the story line really kept me interested.

big chunk of it is set in France which made me like it even more, and when I didn’t need the translation that was in the story for the small bits of French dialogue I was pretty happy with myself. I already downloaded the next book of the trilogy and can’t wait to start it. But, I’m pretty bummed that the third book won’t be published by the time I’m finished with this next one.