Throwback Thursday: Ireland

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A few years ago, we went to Ireland with my parents. Marc and I had already been to Dublin earlier that year, but my parents wanted to visit the Galway area so I obviously wanted to tag along. We met my parents at the Shannon airport and drove to the Arbutus Hotel in Killarney for the night.

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The next day did the ring of Kerry, which is really just a long windy road that goes in a circle around the county. It goes along the coast and through the rolling hills, etc. There’s a lot of pretty stuff to see, but it’s still just driving around. Not that fun for someone who gets car sick.

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A little tip: if you’re going to do the ring, make sure you’re going counterclockwise on the map. We went the wrong way, and we were battling with giant tour buses coming almost directly at us the whole way. Not idea when you’re already driving on the other side of the road.

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Next on our itinerary was a night in a castle. My parents booked a night at Dromoland Castle – an old castle that’s been converted into a 5-star hotel and golf resort. There were lots of castle-y activities like falconry and archery, but we opted to just hang out and relax. We walked around the grounds and had a delicious dinner.

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In the morning, we headed to Galway where we camped out for the rest of our stay at the Galway Bay Hotel. From there we saw the Cliffs of Moher, visited the town where my grandfather was from – where we also accidentally met some distant family members – and we of course spent a good amount of time exploring Galway City itself.

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It was an awesome and relaxing stay. My favorite parts of the trip? The beautiful landscapes and the carvery lunches. If you’re going to Ireland, you’ve got to try a carvery lunch. It’s like Thanksgiving everyday.

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    That is so gorgeous! When I first saw this in my inbox I thought.. are you serious?! They already went to Ireland and took the baby?! Hahah

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