Our French Roadtrip: Bordeaux, Montpellier & Strasbourg

St. Emilion, Bordeaux, France | Travell | ateaspoonofhappiness.com

This week’s #TBT is a throwback to a few years ago when we took a roadtrip around France with Marc’s parents. There are so many things that we wanted to see, so we got in the car and basically drove all over the country. We went to Bordeaux, St. Emilion, Montpelier, Nimes, Carcassone, Metz, Boulay and Strasbourg before ending our trip in Paris. Unfortunately, I seemed to have misplaced my photos from the trip. All of these are from my phone so I’m missing pictures from Bordeaux, Carcassone and Metz, but if I ever find them, I’ll be sure to revisit.

St. Emilion, Bordeaux, France | Travel | ateaspoonofhappiness.com

We stopped in St. Emilion for an afternoon while we were in Bordeaux. It was really cool to see the beautiful vineyards. They went on for miles and miles. This particular town is known for its wines, and it’s really picturesque. There’s also an underground church that you can tour, but you need to reserve a place on a guided tour ahead of time since you can’t visit the church on your own.

Montpelier, France | Travel | ateaspoonofhappiness.com

Montpelier was our next stop. It’s a university town and a beach destination with beautiful water and weather. Lots of nightlife and street entertainment. Excellent moules frites. It’s a nice city, but I don’t know if I’d go back.

Montpelier, France | Travel | ateaspoonofhappiness.com

After Montpelier, I basically demanded we stop at the Pont du Gard. It’s an old Roman aqueduct, which basically means that it transported water instead of people, but now you can walk across it.

Le Pont du Gard, France | Travel | ateaspoonofhappiness.com

Le Pont du Gard, France | Travel | ateaspoonofhappiness.com

The picture just doesn’t do it justice. It was so, so big. Normally there’s water running underneath it, but there hadn’t been enough rain when we visited. Here are some pictures that do it better justice.

Strasbourg Cathedral, France | Travel | ateaspoonofhappiness.com

The last leg of our trip was spent in the northeastern part of France. We spent a few days visiting Marc’s great uncle, who lives in Boulay, near Metz. We took small day trips for sightseeing to Metz and Strasbourg.

La Maison des Tanneurs. Strasbourg #France

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More geranium love. This region of France really knows how to do a window box. So many beautiful half timbered houses and boxes full of red geraniums.  I swear that our future home will have the same. My other favorite part of visiting this region was the choucroute. Seriously great sauerkraut.

Strasbourg, France | Travel | ateaspoonofhappiness.com

And, we finished our French roadtrip by spending a few days in Paris doing the usual tourist stuff before Marc’s parents had to go back to Canada.

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