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  1. Still runny, even w/ the extra yolk. Would love to perfect my recipe/technique. Not sure what I did wrong.

    1. Whip your eggs first and slowly drizzle oil into eggs while whipping. Don’t add to quickly or they will break and become runny.

      1. Thank you for your tip Ken! I knew I was suppose to add the oil in slowly but I am a rebel, and the recipe called to add all ingredients together at once. It just leaves you with a runny egg mixture. I did it over!! Adding the oil in slowly and it came out beautifully!

      2. Can you change the recipe to read
        “Whip eggs and yolk” as the first step? I followed al the directions and it still came out runny.

      3. Thanks for this tip. If you’ve followed the recipe and it’s all gone wrong. Set the mixture aside, start again with 2 egg yolks and drizzle a bit of oil. Once it’s started to thicken, you can now add the messed up mixture a bit at a time as if it’s just oil. Waste not want not! We also doubled -quadrupled the flavours to get the balance right

  2. Not only was this a waste if time, it was waste of ingredients too. Don’t bother with this recipe.

    1. Runny and gross. I’m sad. Recipe is missing critical instructions which could have helped readers avoid wasting ingredients.

      1. Weird, I followed instructions exactly and it came out thick and delicious. Maybe the size of the eggs, or type of oil made a difference. There are other suggestions in the comments to “fix” a broken or runny sauce. Don’t knock the recipe and be sure to read a few comments before starting!

    2. It came out perfect and so tasty. I added a bit more garlic and lemon juice because we love garlic. Not sure what you did but mine whipped up immediately. The recipe is goid. Maybe your immersion blender needs a higher speed of your bowl was too large. Is cup that is slightly wider than the circumference of the stick blender does a better job.

  3. OMG, do you know how many cups of oil I’ve thrown away in the past before finding this recipe?? I’m not sure this one even took two minutes. The emulsion was instantaneous! I’ve heard you should use room temperature eggs. Mine were straight out of the fridge. Love this!!

  4. Made this to serve with my grilled swordfish. AWESOME! It came out super thick, probably because I didn’t have dijon so I added a few splashes of murin and water and it was perfect. So easy and good.

  5. This was a fantastic recipe. I used my homemade fermented mustard instead of Dijon and a combo of olive and avocado oil. It was perfect! Thank you.

  6. This set up very quickly. I decided to use healthy olive oil. Big mistake. It tastes too “green”. Next time half n half, or not at all. I have always added paprika to mayo. I also added fresh chives and dried dill. A quick easy recipe. Set up the ingredients first. Be certain to drizzile in the oil. Simple and very tasty. Much more cost effective than purchased aoli. I use my immersion blender a LOT!

  7. This worked great for me. I have a top notch immersion blender so I had no issues. Thickened right up. I added extra garlic and lemon because I love those flavors. I used avocado oil as I thought it might make it a smidge creamer.

    I used it in making a pineapple, purple onion, gouda cheese and picked beet burger. It got rave reviews from my wife.

    I highly recommend this. It does make quite a bit.

  8. Hello!

    I was so excited to come across your recipe as I was trying for the first time to make Aioli. The same ingredients you specify…..didn’t work, it came out too runny. Then I thought maybe use the same method to prepare hollandaise sauce over warm bath but this also didn’t work. Luckily I have a recipe book of sauces around the world and thought I should look up their ingredients and method. I found out that they use yolk of boiled eggs, which makes sense for the egg yolk you suggest.

    Anyway, I have already prepared this and cooked it over warm bath. So I decided to just mix this with mayonnaise and it came out ok.

    This just gave me a task of perfecting aioli.

    Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    1. Thanks for sharing your tip! I’ve never heard of using boiled egg yolks, but if that worked for you, that’s awesome! I don’t think it’s a traditional mayonnaise ingredient though.

  9. Perfect! I was looking for a base for a jalapeño aioli and this was the perfect amount. After blending it I threw in some diced jalapeño and blended it again. Worked out beautiful.

  10. Just made a 1/2 recipe in a small little blender. Added fresh basil. It was perfect and only took a few minutes. Next time I think I’ll do 1/2 olive oil and half grape seed oil and add chives to the fresh basil. Served it with crab cakes.

  11. Thank you thank you! Perfect recipe, so easy and quick. The only things that would have made it better were if I had roasted my garlic.

    I made it exactly as stated. Remember she said to use canola oil NOT olive oil.

    The technique to make Aioli or Mayo is to just a narrow cup that your immersion blender just barley fits into and starts from the bottom. Smooth, Creamy every. Single. time. Perfect Recipe as written!

  12. This recipe is a winner.

    I’ve used it a lot. Everytime a success. I put all ingredients into a large coffee mug add ingredients except the mustard as i like whole grain and stir in it at the end.

    Yay thank you!

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