overhead view of a woman's hand reaching for a bowl of sweet and spicy cucumber salad, a small plate, striped napkin and two vintage forks surrounding the large gray bowl.
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    1. Please do not use Splenda. It is awful for you, and contains no natural substances. Regular sugar would be better.

  1. No you don’t have to use Splenda, you would just need to use the equivalent of the 4 packets which is 8 teaspoons of sugar (you could also use other sugar substitutes as well). Sorry for the delayed response!

    1. This was so awful tasting. The recipe didn’t call for rinsing off the salt so the salt took away from the sweet and spicy. I had to make a new dressing with more sugar and vinegar to cover it up

  2. Not to tread on Melissa’s recipe. I’ve actually not tried it yet, though I’ve got some cukes ready and waiting for something new, and this sounds like it fits the bill perfectly. Just wanted to add…..if you’re in a hurry for that occasion that suddenly popped up, or suddenly realized you totally forgot you’re supposed to take a “side” for that picnic tomorrow…..this recipe would be perfect. AND…..to make it even quicker and easier, you can just toss in a bottle of HENDRICKSON’S ORIGINAL SWEET OIL AND VINEGAR DRESSING….(found in the salad dressing aisle of most grocery stores. It also makes a great WILTED LETTUCE!!!! Thanks a bunch for the recipe Melissa. HUGS!!!!

  3. Do you mix all the ingredients together before refrigerating? Or do you refrigerate the dressing separately before serving?

    1. You mix it. I explained it in my post but missed the step in the recipe card. I updated the recipe to reflect that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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  5. You simmer the red onion with the dressing?? (The recipe says simmer remaining ingredients) do I have that right? Thank you

  6. I never tried a spicy version of the cucumber salad. I have one in the fridge. I’ll have to give this a try.

    1. If you rinse the cucumbers you will defeat the purpose of salting them. By salting them, it draws the moisture out of the cucumbers which then allows them to soak up dressing liquids.

    1. Yes. You can substitute another vinegar. The only one I wouldn’t recommend is balsamic.

  7. I’m not sure how you can list 0 sodium as you have salt on the cucumbers. Alot of salt for people on low sodium diets………….Looks very refreshing though.

    1. Oh yes, it definitely has some sodium in it. I’ve updated the nutrition facts. Thanks for pointing out the error!

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