Whisked Life

This is a story about true love.

Leaving the Church

How it all began

It was a long time ago – back in 2007. I recently moved back in with my parents after three years of struggling through school in Milwaukee. I was so unsure about what I wanted from life that it just wasn’t feasible for me to stay anymore. So I packed everything, and headed home. I started taking classes at a local community college because I just wasn’t ready to give up on school altogether, and I spent my days working in my parents’ new business. I caught up with my old friends from high school and a few friends that I had made since. It wasn’t that exciting, but it was what I needed at the time.

And then it happened…

Less than a year later, my friend Erin dragged me out to a local bar. We had just watched the Super Bowl at a friend’s house, and I wasn’t really ready to go home anyway so I went along with it. Of course, I knew nobody there so I took a seat at the bar, and she introduced me to the guy next to me. I spent the rest of the night talking to this guy that I barely knew, but by the time we were ready to go home I had given my future husband my phone number.

The Early Years

Melissa's Trip to CanadaWe went on our first day later that week and kept seeing each other for the next few weeks. I kept our relationship a secret from my friends for a while because I wasn’t sure where it was going, but it wasn’t long before everyone knew. I started going to Marc’s hockey games, and we spent as much time together as we could for the remainder of the school year.

That’s when reality hit. This guy was from Canada. Not just the Canada that was six hours north of Green Bay, but far away, Pacific coast Canada. We spent the summer talking on the phone, and I went to visit for a week. It was a long four months, but autumn came and he returned. His senior year came and went – with a National Championship squeezed in – and we were forced to figure out how we could stay together.

The Traveling Circus

Grand Canyon 700

That’s when the crazy began. We spent the summer after his graduation in Nanaimo, British Columbia (his hometown). In the fall, he moved to Fort Worth to play hockey and I stayed home and took a few more classes. Ultimately, we decided it was best for us to be together and I drove down after the fall semester, and signed up for online classes. Over the next couple years, we lived in Texas, Kansas, Arizona, Wisconsin and British Columbia. We spent hours on the road, learned to pack everything we owned in a single day and encountered some obstacles at certain border crossings.

Paris Engagement

We decided to move to France to further Marc’s hockey career and to explore the world a little more. I continued with online classes and attempted to learn French while he practiced and played. We got married in the summer of 2011, and went back to France for two more wonderful years. We traveled as much as we could, and we made lots of great friends.

Present Day

Right now, we’re living in Kokshetau, Kazakhstan. Marc’s playing for a team here, and I’m busy blogging. We’re both freezing our butts off, but we’re going to Thailand next week so at least there’s that.

To be continued…

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