Slow Cooker Thai Peanut Chicken

  • Author: Melissa Belanger
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 4 hours
  • Total Time: 4 hours 15 minutes
  • Yield: 8 servings 1x


Slow Cooker Thai peanut chicken | This easy crockpot recipe makes a healthy shredded chicken with peanut satay sauce that’s perfect for meal prep. Pair it with rice or spaghetti squash and broccoli. #mealprep #chicken



For the chicken:

  • 4 boneless, skinless chicken breast
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon minced ginger
  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic
  • Salt & pepper

For the peanut sauce:

  • 2/3 cup full-fat canned coconut milk
  • 2/3 cup peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup tablespoons reduced-sodium soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons rice vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon minced ginger
  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic
  • 12 tablespoons Sriracha sauce

For garnish:

  • Chopped, fresh cilantro
  • Chopped peanuts


  1. Season chicken liberally with salt & pepper. Place chicken into the slow cooker with water, ginger and garlic. Cover and cook on low for 4 – 5 hours.
  2. Remove chicken from slow cooker and shred. Transfer cooking liquid to a measuring cup or bowl.
  3. Return chicken to the slow cooker with sauce and stir to coat chicken with sauce. Add cooking liquid as needed to thin sauce. Cook for an additional 30 minutes or keep on warm setting until ready to serve.
  4. Garnish with fresh cilantro and chopped peanuts before serving.

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