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  1. I haven’t commented to often on my wife’s amazing website because clearly people will think that I’m bias but I have to recommend these pickled peppers. We started out eating them with taco salad, then I had them in a regular salad then I put them on different kinds of sandwiches and I would definitely put a ton of them in an omelet. Now that I think of it, they would be great in stir fry as well. The possibilities are endless and I hope we always have a jar or two of them in our fridge from now on!

  2. These pictures are so stunning! They are making me want to make the recipe even more than the fact that it looks so simple! Thank you so much for sharing, i’ll report back after I’ve made it with how it turned out!

  3. Hi i tried this recipe and i couldnt use it on the peppers it was v v salty!! It needs a lot of less salt and sugar definitely.

    Ill try it again starting with a teaspoon of each and maybe equal parts of vngr and water.

    1. Hi Mort. I haven’t added nutritional information for this recipe, but when I converted it from my old recipe card, it automatically filled the info in as zero. I apologize for the discrepancy!

      1. Per serving, if it’s less than one gram the food nutrition chart will automatically set it at zero.

        Some folks shouldn’t be so picky.

  4. just a note – the pickles peter piper made are piper peppers, the fresh green seeds that make your black and white pepper pot dust. Piperaceae, They grow here wher I currently live where they are used as the fresh green berry in Thai food – and I am about to try pickling them right now.

  5. I don’t see the jar size indicated. Would it be a quart size Mason jar? And I’m using Swerve instead of sugar. Will Swerve work as a subsitute in a pickling recipe? I find the Swerve far less sweet than conventional sugar but love the authentic flavor. Will it pickle?

    1. Delicious! I made these for a recipe that called for pepperoncini liquid. Not being a fan of pepperoncini I subbed for this. The peppers are hot with a touch of sweet. I had no rice vinegar and used white.

  6. On the Quick Pickled Sweet Peppers – have you tried canning them and if so, how? I have loads of peppers and would like to have some of these over the winter.

  7. ,Made chicken cheesesteaks for dinner tonight. I am from Philly and needed sweet peppers on them. I made your recipe, was wonderful but I did need to add a speck extra sugar and next time I will make it keto. Got rave reviews from my friend who came for lunch and we snuck some

  8. I am sharing this recipe with everyone I know! I pile these peppers on my salads and enchiladas. Tonight they are going in my stir fry.

  9. These are really yummy. I used Apple Cider Vinegar as I didn’t have rice vinegar – worked great. Anyone tried freezing them? I wouldn’t think they keep their crispiness once thawed?

  10. I used your pickling liquid recipe to make some quick overnight pickled red peppers. I had a store-bought jar of roasted red peppers that were just packed in water. My son is coming over tomorrow for a fancy supper and he loves pickled red peppers. I poured off the juice, used it for the water portion, and then made up the pickling brine from your recipe. I then packed them in a Mason jar and poured the warm brine over them and popped them in the fridge. They are delicious! I am sure using fresh peppers produces a superior result, but I this is all I had to try to make a treat for our fancy meal. Thank you!

  11. I made these yesterday, using apple cider vinegar and they were delicious. They are gone, already. I’ll make more as soon as I go to the store and get more peppers.

  12. I made these yesterday, using apple cider vinegar and 1/2 tsp salt and they were delicious. They are gone already.

  13. Absolutely amazing love it! So simple to make and brought a new layer of flavor to my salad. I can’t wait to try them in different meals. Thank you.

  14. I tripled the brine for a quart-sized mason jar and two large bell peppers filled the jar. Just put them in the fridge to brine so I haven’t tried them yet but I was looking for something similar to Grotto pizzas sweet pickled peppers because I’m making pizza tonight.

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