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  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe…I’ve been looking for a good stir fry recipe and this sounds like it will work fine!

  2. I am very lactose intolerant and diabetic. To get a sugarless recipe, it’s going to have dairy. Your recipes for me have been spot on delicious and I can eat them! Stir Fry Sauce is awesome!

    1. I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for 36 years. Great recipe as is. Wonderful flavor! Everyone in my household loved it on beef stir fry, chicken stir fry and vegetable stir fry. Will continue to use this sauce as often as possible.

  3. Good flavor but quite salty. Also it makes barely over a cup. Next time I think I won’t salt the food (chicken this time) before cooking and use straight water instead of chicken stock to cut the saltiness. Will definitely make again!

  4. I made this without the ginger (hubby doesn’t like it) and without the rice vinegar (didn’t have any). It had good flavor and hubby liked it. I used it in a quinoa stir fry. Next time I will probably cut back on the corn starch because it was almost too thick.

  5. It is very tasty. I doubled the recipe, and added double the chicken broth. I make my own, so there is no salt added to my chicken broth, however I still found it too salty. Are used tamari soy sauce which isn’t super salty. Next time I will cut the soy in half.

    I have a question, does this freeze well?

    1. If you make most any sauce and add cornstarch to it, it will gell up as it cools down. You can fix this by slowly heating the sauce up again or simply smooth out the sauce over your food and heat it up that way. Freezing should be ok, but it may gell up as well.

  6. Been looking for a good stir fry sauce using ingredients I commonly have. I didn’t have rice vinegar, but had the other ingredients. I doubled the recipe, cut the soy sauce by one third (used 2/3 c instead of 1 cup) and replaced the difference with more Homemade chicken broth (unsalted). It did get too thick, but I thinned it down with some water until got the consistency I wanted. My husband thought it needed to be a little sweeter, so we added some real maple syrup. 👍🏻

  7. Fabulous!! I only modified a smidge but it still turned out amazing!! Thank you!!! (Instead of the minced ginger I used ground ginger, and it was still really good. Not overpowering at all!) Thanks again for sharing!!

  8. I made this tonight and both my husband and I loved it! So easy too. I have sauce left over for another stir fry! It was delish even without rice vinegar.

  9. This was easy and delicious! So nice to see a recipe containing ingredients I have on hand. I did it completely vegan with celery, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, onion and carrots. Served it with brown jasmine rice cooked in vegetable stock.

  10. This was excellent! I subbed coconut aminos for soy sauce and added Sriracha for some punch…but it was a GREAT base to add to and thickened up beautifully. This will be my new go to!

  11. I didnt have rice vinegar or sherry vinegar but had red wine and only usedcacteaspoon. This is very good! Had jasmine rice with all those chicken and veggies. Fantastic!

  12. Adore this recipe! Made it a few weeks ago for my family and it was loved by all. I added about ~1.5 tbs more of brown sugar than the recipe called for as it was too salty, and I didn’t add ginger, and it turned out amazing! Thickened up amazingly well – almost immediately when added to the already hot saucepan. Thank you!!

  13. Great but I highly recommend doing a cornstarch slurry instead of straight cornstarch. I also added fish sauce

    1. You should be able to use vegetarian broth or sometimes you can find mushroom broth. Both would be found by the chicken and beef broths in your local grocery store!

  14. My family enjoyed your sauce recipe! I didn’t have ginger or sesame oil and I put in just a little more sugar. My husband is not a garlic fan but he liked it!

  15. This is a really great recipe and has become a go-to for a quick meal. I typically have all the ingredients on hand and use it with frozen stir fry vegetables and sometimes add lo mein noodles and/or cooked chicken. As others have pointed out, the sauce is a little salty so using low sodium soy sauce and low sodium broth (or even substituting some water) is very important. Overall, this is very good!

  16. Came out amazing I used beef broth instead of chicken to use w yokisoba and this came out perfect flavor and consistency!! Thankyou for sharing 🫶🏼

  17. Love this sauce! it’s versatile and so flavourful. I made a tiny tweak, as I use lime juice for the acid. Definitely a winner..

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