dairy free, one layer cake with chocolate buttercream frosting topped with sprinkles

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    1. I don’t think it’s as simple as just adding cocoa powder. If you add cocoa powder you would need to adjust the amount of flour and/or the liquid ingredients. Cocoa also reacts differently with the fats and leavening agents in the batter, so I really don’t know how it would turn out. I can’t recommend something without testing it.

    1. Sorry for the delayed response (we were on vacation), but yes! You can easily swap dairy milk if you would prefer to use that!

  1. So this is going to maybe sound goofy on a non-dairy site, but I (as an extremely dairy human) came here because I was looking for a one layer yellow with chocolate frosting cake, and this recipe looked great (plus, the pictures are so tempting!). I added all of the dairy back in (ie. milk for cashew milk and butter for shortening), and all of the dairy adds worked just fine. As a matter of fact, this was the best yellow cake recipe I’ve had in a while, AND the frosting was just the right amount. SO. In case anyone in here is wondering whether you can substitute dairy back in, YES. YOU CAN. AND IT IS DELICIOUS. I’m glad I gave it a shot. Sorry for un-non-dairying up your recipe, but it was awesome. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the glowing review! I’m happy to hear that dairy works, too. We are all about doing your own thing here. We’re just dairy free because we have to be!

  2. I noticed the frosting does not have any sugar listed as an ingredient. A frosting that is not sweetened? hmmmmm…..

  3. I made this yellow cake the other day. I had made small birthday cake and had leftover lemon frosting to use up. The cake turned out beautifully.I did use regular dairy milk instead of non dairy. Baked it in a square glass 8 by 8 pan. Had no problem removing it. Will definitely be making this again!


    1. Hi Raymund, do you know what went wrong? I’d love to know what the results were so I could help you troubleshoot it!

      1. I’m just wondering if I can substitute self rising flour and take the leavening agents out and also can I use plant butter instead of shortening cuz I don’t have any shortening on hand? I’m 39 and just finding out that I’m severely allergic to dairy by way of blood test, and I so appreciate any good dairy free recipes I can get that don’t taste like crap! I love dairy and miss it so much, but I do not miss the LONG list of health problems I was having because of it! Thank you so much for the delicious recipes.❤️

  5. I made this cake yesterday as a last minute decision for Valentines Day. It came out perfect. I used oat milk for my dairy substitute. The frosting was my absolute favorite.
    Thank you.

  6. Unfortunately, I did not get to make this frosting but I did try the cake recipe. My oven ran a little hot so I don’t know if I should bake this for 20 minutes instead or to decrease the heat to 325. At least the cake was tasty. I’ll definitely see if I can play around with this. recipe.

  7. This is an uncomplicated recipe and the frosting is to die for!! We are not dairy free so used butter and milk for a delicious frosting with a great consistency. Thank you for my Birthday Cake! Wooo! Go #66.

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