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6 Ways to Use a Cookie Scoop

Monthly Kitchen Tip: 6 Ways to Use a Cookie Scoop | simplywhisked.com #kitchentip #tip

There are so many great kitchen tools out there. Some that do lots of different things and some that really only serve one purpose. Obviously, I’m not the hugest fan of tools that take up kitchen space without doing a lot of work. While it sounds like the cookie scoop would be one of those real-estate-stealers, it is one of my absolute favorite kitchen tools. I use it for so, so many things beyond just shaping cookie dough balls. Here are some of my favorites ways to use a cookie scoop:

Portion cupcake batter (or pancake batter).

Use a medium or large cookie scoop to portion cupcake batter into cupcake liners in the pan. It keeps everything from getting messy and it helps to keep the fill amount the same size. The large scoop works with pancake and waffle batter too.

Make meatballs and mini-meatballs.

I use my cookie scoops to make meatballs. It helps me to keep them a uniform size and it cuts the work in half – once the meatballs are out of the scoop they’re halfway round already.

Monthly Kitchen Tip: 6 Ways to Use a Cookie Scoop | simplywhisked.com #kitchentip #tip

Scoop ice cream or sorbet.

I have yet to buy an actual ice cream scooper, so I use a cookie scoop for this, but you can also use it to pre-portion ice cream scoops before a party. Just refreeze until you’re ready to serve.

Portioning sandwich fillings.

I use my larger cookie scoop to “fill” sandwiches such as tuna or chicken salad, sloppy joes, etc.

Candy making.

If you’re making a lot of small things, like truffles or Irish potato candies, having a scoop makes things so much easier.

Filling stuffed shells.

I use a cookie scoop when I’m filling stuffed shells. It makes it so much cleaner and faster. Try it next time you make them. You won’t believe the difference it makes.

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Monthly Kitchen Tip: 6 Ways to Use a Cookie Scoop | simplywhisked.com #kitchentip #tip

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