19 WeeksBefore I even talk about our weekend, I just have to share some news. We felt the baby kick for the first time last night! It was the weirdest feeling, but pretty cool. I had been feeling rumblings for about a week or so, but I really wasn’t sure if it wasn’t just my mind playing tricks on me. This time there were some serious kicks though. I’m so glad that Marc was with me when it happened so he got to feel it, too. My bump pretty much doubled in size. It’s amazing how I thought I barely looked pregnant a few days ago and now I can’t believe how big I am.

Back to the weekend. How was your Memorial Day? Ours was great. We spent a lot of time with friends and family, got lots of sun and ate a lot of food. Marc went golfing on Friday, so I spent the afternoon with my mom and sister at the mall. It was really nice out though, so I was glad I made it back before I missed all of the sun. I met Marc at our friends’ place and we went for a barbecue at another.

Levon Memorial Day 2014

On Saturday, I spent the day sitting outside with my mom, chatting and getting some sun, and got my first burn of the season. It isn’t too bad though, and it was totally worth it. It’s been a while since I felt the sun baking my skin. I’m officially ready for summer and some pool time. We went over to Theresa’s for dinner, and I tried out a new recipe for barbecue chicken. (I’ll be sharing it soon, I promise!) Then we honestly just hung out for a while.

American T

Yesterday was spent relaxing at home – editing photos, doing laundry and  making macaroni salad for our third barbecue of the weekend at my parents’ house. As usual, we had too much food and had to force ourselves to eat dessert…I’m kidding. There’s always room for dessert, and my mom made strawberry blueberry shortcakes – the perfect red, white and blue ending to our Memorial Day weekend.

Strawberry Blueberry Shortcakes

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