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  1. This recipe is a keeper. My husband does not like salmon but absolutely loved this dinner. I served over a bed of brown rice and fresh asparagus.

  2. Excellent Maple Salmon. My husband commented how good it was 4 times! That never happens and we are big Salmon eaters!

  3. Hat off to your Maple Glazed Salmon recipe, its great tasting and super fast, my husband is not big on giving out compliments, but this recipe was an exception, I got several, thanks for the recipe, I’m new on your site!!

  4. I found this after taking my wife up to northern Michigan and having some of the best maple glazed salmon. I looked for a recipe and this brought back the memories and then some! Making it a second time this week, it was so good. Thank you for this!

  5. IM MAKING THIS NOW FOR DINNER AS IM WRITING THIS review i love salmon and i know this will taste good.itll taste good healthy7 nutritious and so easy to make

  6. Wow! Fantastic, super simple and yet tasty. This is great for a quick and delicious dinner. I served this with stir-fry teriyaki udon and it was the perfect accompaniment. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I made this, with the addition of 2 serranos, and then tasted. Added more soy sauce and mustard. Had it on 1.2 lbs of salmon tails I got from Sitka salmon. Next time I will double the recipe. Maybe add some ginger. But this recipe is a keeper, thank you!

    1. Oh funny, you should say that. I am cooking it tonight. It is in the oven now and I did add some ginger and slightly less garlic. I’ll let you know how it was.

  8. I have made salmon using many different recipes in the past forty years. This one is, by far, the best one ever! I will need to look no further. This is a keeper! Thank You for sharing!

  9. We all Loved this Salmon ! Followed exactly; Easy ; all I did was broil for a minute after I baked to get that top a little browned ; will have this as my #1 go to recipe moving forward TY

  10. Made this last night and it was great! Milder than I expected, so it’s easy to modify flavor intensity with amounts or adding ingredients. As it is, I enjoyed it very much and it left a nice aftertaste. I made this with your roasted broccoli recipe. I had the salmon and broccoli on the same tray and some of the sauce spilled over onto the broccoli, so it works great as a veggie topper too!

  11. Super easy, simple ingredients that most of us have on hand and a fantastic taste. I pan-fried mine instead of baking but it turned out perfect.

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