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Make Your Own Almond Flour

MAKE YOU OWN ALMOND FLOUR | @simplywhisked

Have you ever tried to make your own almond flour? Have you ever used almond flour before? Have you ever heard of almond flour before? Well, it’s basically just ground up almonds, and it’s used in baking – most notably for macarons. It was widely available in France, and so I never thought about it being hard to find or expensive now that we’re home. It’s so weird the things I have had to get used to again since I’ve been back – things I didn’t even know I was not used to.

When I needed almond flour for a recipe, it took me a long time to find it in the grocery store, and guess what. It was $9.99 a pound. And, that was at our cheaper grocery store. I can’t even imagine how expensive it would be at the other stores. Granted, I only needed 1 1/3 cups, but it still seemed a little outrageous for some ground up nuts.

MAKE YOU OWN ALMOND FLOUR | @simplywhisked

As soon as I added the almond flour to my cart, I went straight to the baking aisle and picked up a large bag of slivered almonds. I knew I was going to try to make almond flour myself. It couldn’t be that hard, right?

Well, it wasn’t. All I did was grind them up in a food processor and run the through a sieve to make sure there were no large chunks. It wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t that fast of a process either.

MAKE YOU OWN ALMOND FLOUR | @simplywhisked

So here’s the thing. I don’t think I would actually make almond flour again. For two reasons. The first is that it took a pretty long time, and considering that time, I would rather just suck it up and buy it. The second is that there’s a fine line between the almonds turning to flour and them turning into almond butter. There was a point in the process that I noticed the larger piece getting oily, and I could just see them going there.

MAKE YOU OWN ALMOND FLOUR | @simplywhisked

Can you tell which is which?

Ultimately, it’s something you can definitely do, and my almond flour turned out just like the store bought version, but it’s really only worth doing if you’re really trying to save some money.

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MAKE YOU OWN ALMOND FLOUR | @simplywhisked


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