Look What I Found #4 | Love in a Suitcase

I completely adore these cats. Every single one of them.

This 100 Happy Days thing is starting to get really big. I’m thinking of doing it, but I’m totally waiting for Marc to come home (can’t be happy without him!). I’ll let you know when I start.

These rebels made me laugh out loud.

5 Benefits of Living Somewhere Else. #2 totally sums up how I’ve changed over the past few years – at least, from my perspective.

This mini dress to top refashion is so smart. Plus, you could make the new top any length you want.

We ordered Chinese food on Monday night, and I stumbled upon this wonderful review of the restaurant from where we ordered. It’s just Chinese food. What is up with this dude?

I am loving these 10 tips for a successful Europe trip. Something I never thought of in our travels was to make a spreadsheet like that to keep track of everything. I think Marc’s going to love having an another excuse to make us a spreadsheet.

Wow. This is unreal. Who knew something so simple could make such a big change.

Here’s a funny post by Joy the Baker about what it takes to be a great food blogger. Obviously it’s just for fun.

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