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    1. Nope, it was definitely a mistake! Thanks for pointing it out. I just updated it to the correct ingredients.

        1. Probably about a week or two. It really depends on how “new” your dairy products are. If those ingredients aren’t expiring anytime soon, neither should the dressing.

    1. You can use fresh herbs, but I use way less of them. Try adding a little and then adding more as you go so it isn’t too overpowering since the dried herbs will get more flavorful as they rehydrate. You could also substitute green onion for the chives if you have access to that.

  1. I love this dressing! I served it over a baby kale /pring mix salad and added blackend shrimp, sun dried tomatoes and some Parmesan cheese. It was good! I added a touch of sugar per Melissa’s suggestion bc it was a touch tart bc of the Greek yogurt for my taste and the dressing was excellent!

    1. This is really good! The only change I made because I didn’t have all the supplies is that I added 2 green onions instead of the chives and one tablespoon of dried Dill since I didn’t have parsley.

  2. Hello, I was just wondering how long this will keep in the fridge? I would love to get rid of the GMO Kraft and Hidden Valley brands and just make good ole home made dressing, but we eat ranch with everything! 🙂 Thanks!

      1. Why does the bottled versions of ranch dressings seem to have a really long life in the fridge compared to this version; is it because they have preservatives, and/or this uses sour cream? Mayo last a long time, thought I’d try to get a detailed answer from you. Thanks.

    1. Yes. You totally can! I would maybe leave the lemon juice out of the recipe or at least taste the final outcome before adding the lemon juice since buttermilk has a tangier taste than regular milk.

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  4. Thanks! I’ve made my own ranch before, but struggled to get the proportions right. I also have never put it in a food processor…that seems like it would help a lot.

    Ranch is my favorite condiment (doesn’t it go with everything?) and I’m almost out, so I’m saving this to make soon!

  5. I’ve always wondered what to use for measuring mayo and sour cream; since it’s neither a solid nor a liquid. Do you use a measuring cup for solid or fluid?

  6. Hi, My dressing turned out a bit orange…..did I use too much paprika? I used the amount called for, I thought, but have 2 little kiddos running around, so who knows! Thanks!

    1. You may have! I think mine has had a hint of orange to it before, but it was usually when I added extra paprika. But, just give it a try and see how it tastes. You may be able to save it with a little extra mayo, milk or sour cream.

  7. I’ve been looking for a ranch recipe as it’s not popular in Ireland, do you know roughly how long this dressing would last ?

    1. As long as your ingredients (milk, sour cream, etc.) haven’t expired you should be good. If you’re not sure about them, I would say about 1 week.

    1. You can really use any kind you want. I have used skim and whole and they both turned out fine. Onviously, one was creamier, but the skim was still great!

  8. Mmmmm. So good !!!! Just for personal taste I cut back the salt a little ( high blood pressure ) and added a dash of dried dill. This is a keeper 🙂

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