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  1. I made this for dinner last night and my husband told me it was the best green bean casserole I had ever made. This one’s a keeper! So glad I stumbled across your blog. My daughter has a dairy/soy allergy and I breastfeed so that means I pretty much do to.

    1. That’s awesome! I’m so glad to hear it, and I’m glad you found my blog, too. Let me know if there are any recipes you’d like to see in the future!

  2. In the past I had not been a big green bean casserole fan but I am now because this is amazing! Whether you want dairy in your casserole or not I would highly recommend serving this recipe.

    1. I am about to make this right now, and I’m choosing this recipe because friends of ours can’t have any yeast or gluten, so this wil be a hit! I’m also trying to find recipes for mushroom meatloaf, vegan style of course! These are wonderful comfort foods for the winter months and I know my husband is just going to love them! Thank you for the recipe!

  3. There’s nothing better than a green bean casserole that uses real ingredients! This is perfect for Thanksgiving or any time at all!

  4. I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m so glad I found your blog. This is my first holiday season going through completely dairy free, and I knew I was going to agonize over not having my grandmas green bean cassarole. I’m sending this to her right away!

    1. Yes! That’s perfect! I’m so glad you found me too 🙂 Feel free to send me an email if you need help with anything or what to request a recipe!

  5. Will it make a big difference if it is not cooked in a skillet? I don’t have one and am concerned that it won’t cone out the same. Thank you!

    1. No not really. It’s just one less pan to clean. You can use any oven-proof skillet or even use the pan you blanched the green beans in and transfer everything to a baking dish before topping it with the fried onions.

    1. I think so! I’m not that familiar with rice milk since we don’t use it, but I think it might be a little thinner than almond milk. If that’s the case you may want to add an additional tablespoon of flour to make up for it being a bit thinner. If you try it, I’d love to know how it turns out!

  6. You forgot to add onions to the ingredients and instructions ? thankfully we are doing our thanksgiving 2 days late so I’m able to make a last minute trip to the grocery store. I suggest updating this so no one else goes through this.

  7. Hello, Is it OK to use 2 cans of cut green beans?? And is 2 cans enough for your recipe?? Thanks for responding! Dr. Sue

  8. A must-try recipe! This is delicious and truly better than traditional green bean casserole. It tastes indulgent and doesn’t make you feel like you’re missing out. This is the only green bean casserole you should serve for Thanksgiving, not simply a DF/GF alternative. Also, you can make it ahead in the skillet, stick it in the fridge, then throw it in the oven when you need to. The ingredient list is mainly items you already have, too! So little fuss!

  9. Can I use frozen green beans? And if so would I just put them in the recipe without doing anything to them first? Thank you

    1. Absolutely! Just skip the blanching step. If you aren’t going to thaw them, I would maybe add an additional tablespoon of flour for thickening.

  10. Hi – I made your green bean casserole before it is great.! Do you think it would be ok to use unsweetened Oat milk instead of almond milk?


  11. I haven’t made this yet but I’m very excited to try it for our Thanksgiving meal. We have chicken egg and dairy allergies in our home. Would goat milk(fresh) substitute well?

  12. My only comment would be to please put the list of ingredients closer to the top of the page. Pet-peeve having to scroll all the way to the bottom for the ingredients & recipe

    1. There is a jump to recipe button at the top so that you don’t have to scroll, but I’m glad you like the recipe. Thank you for the review!

  13. Hi! I can’t wait to try this, my daughter is dairy free due to her baby breastfeeding and she was most sad about missing the green bean casserole! Can you prep it all the night before and then bake it the next day? Thanks!

  14. I have frozen trader joe string beans and I enjoy the idea of cooking in cast iiron pan. Please advice what is best way of cooking . I also have to bring to thanksgiving dinner and want it to last with crispyness. Appreciate your advice!

  15. It calls for chopped onion but doesn’t say where to add it. And says to add onion powder but that’s not listed on the ingredients!


  16. Firstly, the recipe is delicious. However there are three errors in this recipe. The onions are completely omitted from the directions, there is an ingredient in the directions that aren’t in the ingredient list (onion powder), and the directions don’t say anything about the fried onions. It just says “onions”. I’m not sure how any recipe developer or food blogger can allow this to happen.

    Also, this website is infested with advertisements it’s nearly impossible to read any part of the recipe or directions.

  17. I don’t ever take the time to review recipes but I had to with this one. This was the best green bean casserole I’ve ever had! And you couldn’t even tell a difference that it was dairy free. Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  18. I made this dairy-free green bean casserole recipe for Christmas dinner. It was absolutely delicious! I will never use a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup again—-this recipe is SO much better. I doubled the recipe for a 9x 13 glass baking dish. Used 4 cans of green beans (drained) and definitely use unsweetened almond milk. Don’t use vanilla flavored almond milk!

  19. I’m excited to come across this recipe and will try it! Note, instructions are not clear which onions when (chopped vs fried) and the onion powder is not mentioned in ingredients but is called for later. I’m guessing the chopped onion you sauté and the fried ones are step 5?

    1. Sorry about that, there is not any onion powder in the recipe. I updated it now so you should be able to follow along now. You are right, chopped are for sautéing and the fried onions are for the topping.Thanks for letting me know!

  20. This looks like a perfect DF option for Thanksgiving! I see onion powder mentioned in the directions, but I don’t see it in the ingredients list. Do I add both for this dish? Thanks in advance!

    1. Sorry about that, I updated it accordingly for you. You are not going to use onion powder for this recipe!

  21. When I tell you my family is obsessed with this recipe I mean it. I am dairy-free and only a few of my other family members are but I made this last year without telling people it was dairy-free and people LOVED it. Ever since last Thanksgiving and Christmas when I made the dish, it’s now mandatory that I make it from now on. I found this website when I searched up dairy-free green bean casserole and I have been using this website for so many other dishes since and they have always been big hits at gatherings!

  22. I absolutely love green bean casserole, but I can’t do the cream and have a major dislike of mushrooms….then this recipe enters my life and changes everything for the better! It came out perfect. I substituted cornstarch for the flour, and nixed the garlic – and it was a hit. I’m so grateful! Now I can make this all the time. Thank you!!!

  23. I have never made green bean casserole, but I am going to try this because I am dairy intolerant. I think there may be a typo in step 5? I am assuming that I am supposed to stir in 1/2 cup of the “fried”onions and then top with “fried” onion?
    Also, has anyone tried this recipe with hemp or other milk? I am allergic to Almonds as well.

  24. This is such a great recipe! I have made other vegan gbc recipes and this is one blows the others out of the water. I made it ahead of the meal and added mushrooms because we like them. I followed the recipe, using 3 cans of cut green beans instead of fresh and it will be the one I use from now on. Thank you so much!! My girls said “It is bussin”. High praise from vegan daughters.

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