an overhead photo of a plate of fruitcake cookies with a second plate of cookies in the background with a glass of cashew milk and pine brances
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  1. Hi, Melissa. These cookies are so full of seasonal deliciousness! Just wondering if the directions got left off the recipe card on purpose? I am old fashioned and like to print out the recipe. I see that the directions are in the post itself, so I will use those for now. Thanks!

    1. Oh yeah. That isn’t right. Something must have gotten messed up. I’ll make sure to fix it right away.

  2. Soooooooo… would you be shocked and disappointed if I told you that I’ve never eaten fruit cake, let alone baked it, at the holidays? You hear all the stories about it, but I’ve never experienced it firsthand. That said, I’m so intrigued by these cookies and how you adapted your favorite chocolate chip recipe to include the candied fruit. They look so pretty!

    Thank you so much for helping with this year’s cookie exchange and sharing your new recipe AND spreading the love, too! I am so happy we got to meet this year and spend time together!

  3. I was looking for dairy-free Christmas treats for my neighbour and these were delicious! I love the spices, fruit, and chopped pecans. Mine took a lot longer to bake but when they browned up a bit, they were perfect. Thanks!

  4. They didn’t look done after the 10 to 12 minutes. They still looked too soft. Am I doin something wron. I added more baking time.

  5. I’ve never commented on an online recipe before, but after making your brownies and these cookies I thought it was only right to do so. Not only was the recipe incredibly simple and easy to follow, but the end result was delicious as well. As I’m located in the UK, I couldn’t find the sort of candied fruit you would find in the US, so I subsituted brandy-soaked dried fruit.

    I’ve been finding it difficult to located dairy-free desert recipes for Kosher meat meals, and your site has been a savior in this respect! Thank you!

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