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  1. So adorable!!! Those have to be your parents.. non? And not gonna lie, the picture where she has her fingers in your mouth, her arm looks HUGE. Like body builder massive, because of the little shirt I assume. It’s pretty hysterical. I love this little one!!

    1. Hahaha. No she was huge when she was born! Almost 9 pounds πŸ™‚ I literally couldn’t believe it when they said how big she was. I mean 4 kilos! It’s insane. I don’t know how she fit inside of me!

  2. Oh Melissa & Mark, She is gorgeous, just like Auntie Theresa said!
    Love the pic of your mom & dad, as she has them making funny faces already! And the picture of you & Ellie laying together is so precious! Oh course, daddy & his little girl is always a pull on the heart strings. I will definitely be back for more! Keep posting! Sending love from Packers Country! Holly

  3. She’s so adorable and from the looks of her parents and grandparents I’d say she’s very much loved. I hope I get to meet her!