chicken pot pie with biscuits in a large white skillet
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  1. Melissa I made this two nights ago and had no plain paprika, so I used smoked paprika…was it delicious!!!

  2. This was absolutely delicious. I ended up pouring the biscuit dough on top in one large circle to make almost a pie crust type effect. The flavors were so good. I used oat milk instead of almond milk because that’s what I had on hand.

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  4. This was a hit in my house! I replaced the almond milk for coconut milk since my almond milk was vanilla and I didn’t know how that would be. I also didn’t make the biscuits, I used annies flakey biscuits. So delicious! I’ve been wants pot pie for a long time and this hot the spot.

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  6. How are you making the biscuits exactly? Not the dough, but forming them? I tried this and cooked for 18 min and they were still a little raw in the middle. I saw on your website in the other biscuit recipe where you scoop in the dough but then in the pictures they look rolled/cutout. How thick, etc? TIA!

    1. I rolled and cut the dough for these biscuits. You can make the biscuits either way, I have both recipes available on the site. Here is the link for the cut biscuits and here is the link for the drop biscuits. Both of these recipes have more detailed information on how to make them.

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