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DIY Succulent Planters

DIY Succulent Planters | Love in a Suitcase
Here’s a little fact you may not know about me. I’m really disgusted by plants. Almost all of them. I don’t like to be around them, and I’m totally opposed to touching them. However, there are some that I can handle – most flowers, herbs and generic plants like trees and grass. I’ll even venture far enough to say that I have a thing for cacti and succulents. I absolutely loved living in Arizona and driving by fields of cacti on a regular basis, but succulents are my absolute favorite.

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DIY Succulent Planters | Love in a Suitcase

If you’ve been on Pinterest at any point in the last – oh, I don’t know – year, you’ve probably realized that the world seems to have gone succulent crazy. There’s tons of cute succulents and ways to plant them. Here’s one of my favorites, but it’s not something I’m willing to do myself.

DIY Succulent Planters | Love in a Suitcase

Sometime last year, I bought a cute glass planter at a yard sale, and a few weeks ago I found a larger version at a thrift store. I knew immediately that I just had to get my hands on some succulents to fill them. So I went to our local garden store and went nuts. They were having a sale, and I bought way to many. I had so many extra that I ended up with a third planter that is going to live at my sister’s house. Hers is planted in a cute white bowl.

DIY Succulent Planters | Love in a Suitcase

Making the succulent planters was beyond easy though. All I did was layer large gravel and cactus/succulent potting soil. From everything I read online – and what Theresa told me – the plants themselves don’t actually like to touch the soil. Once decided on the placement of the plants, I barely planted the roots into the soil. Then, I filled in the empty space with smaller gravel.

And, that’s it!

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