Cilantro Pesto in a mason jar
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  1. 2 bunches for $2 !! What???? I bought cilantro the other day 6 bunches for 99 cents! That’s why I’m looking for cilantro recipes,I only used one bunch for making salsa. THis recipe sounds great,I’m going to double to recipe,freeze some,also making shrimp & pesto for dinner.

    1. You can try growing your own! I planted some and just one seed packet gave me tons of cilantro all summer…and it’s still going. The more you pick, the more it grows!

  2. I added a bit of jalapeno. I then marinated chicken breast (used about 2 Tablespoons with a little extra EVOO) Grilled it. OMG! Top 10 meals I have EVER made!!!
    We made 6 batches today. I hate cleaning my processor! I have a son going to college, he LOVES this. Easy meal to boil pasta and small amount of freezer space needed.

    1. This is how I clean my processor after making pesto.
      Add a slice of bread, the bread will soak up the pesto, become crumbs.. add a little melted butter and use as a topping for baked chicken
      Or add chicken breasts to processor.. it will mince then add other ingredients and turn into meatballs

      1. That’s a fantastic idea! I’ll have to try that next time I make this. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. After trimming my cilantro plants, I had this huge vase of cuttings on my counter so I went hunting for recipes. I looked at many recipes but this one caught my eye. I made this recipe exactly as stated except for using 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne powder instead of red pepper flakes. It’s really not at all too spicy. For me, I would add more heat, but hubby likes it mild. He loved this recipe. It was nice and thick. I stored in the freezer and used the rest for dinner over angel hair pasta. To get the consistency right and add some flavor, I used some Meyer Lemon infused olive oil and some of the pasta water so the pesto would mix nicely with the angel hair. The pasta water was mainly so the noodles would not clump together. This was a huge hit. Very delicious. The garlic seems to balance with the cilantro so neither strong flavor dominates the other. The almonds added an unexpected crunchy texture, too. What a great way to add in some protein. We will definitely make this again.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that you liked it! I love the idea of using lemon olive oil. I have some in my pantry right now, so I have to try it!

  4. can u give me idea of recipe u made with the pesto … i just love cilantro and pesto so i will try for sure .. thank

    1. I usually just put it on pasta or chicken, but you could use it in any recipe that calls for pesto sauce. I add some to mayonnaise for sandwiches, too.

  5. This is the best pesto I have ever tasted. it is addictive… I cannot eat enough. It has become a regular in my refrigerator. keep up the good work…

    1. This recipe is not dairy free. When I published this recipe, we were not eating dairy free. But if you want to make this recipe dairy free, you just have to leave out the cheese. You could substitute it wish 2 more tablespoons almonds + 2 tablespoons nutritional yeast.

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  7. Great on beet spirals. Also tried it low FODMAP: saute garlic cloves in the olive oil then remove cloves and cool oil before processing.

  8. Great on beet spirals. Also tried it low FODMAP: saute garlic cloves in the olive oil then remove cloves and cool oil before processing.

  9. I live in a sleepy fishing village in Ecuador, and mistakenly ask for$1 of cilantro…oops, the shop keeper came back with a bag full! We use cilantro frequently down here but it would have spoiled before using all of the cilantro. Happily came across your recipe, simple, well rounded , the outcome of a well balanced recipe. Muchas gracias. Jody

  10. This recipe was perfect! I slathered it on a fillet of pan fried Atlantic Salmon. It was divine! Only change I made was using walnut oil in place of olive oil. It’ll be my go to recipe for Coriander Pesto. Thank you from Australia!

  11. Thanks so much for posting this recipe! Usually, I throw away any cilantro I hadn’t used and it’s just a waste. This tasted delicious. I would make this again many times over. Oh, and it’s vegan, which is great. 🙂

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