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Book Review: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

the_goldfinchI started this book club with the intention of reading a new book every month, and I’ve completely and utterly failed. I managed to choose the longest book known to man for my very first selection. A whopping 700+ pages. To be fair, I’ve had a lot of unexpected things come up in my personal life, and I’ve been totally preoccupied. The Goldfinch is intense, and it’s not an easy read. In fact, I’m less than halfway through it, and I’ve been reading since January 2!

Of course, the [second] month is over now, and there’s finally been some real action happening in the story. There’s just been a major turn of events and I’m actually really excited to find out what happens. So what am I to do? Should I extend this book another month? Should I set it aside until I have more time to finish it and move on to next month’s book for the sake of this book club? I’m really torn. I think I’ll move along with the hopes of finishing next month’s book a bit early.

*Spoiler Alert*

While I do think the book is really good and well written, I also think it’s long and drawn out. There’s a lot of day-to-day monotonous details that – in my opinion – take precedent over the actual plot. I’m dying to know how Theo ends up in Amsterdam and what happens to the painting, but I haven’t felt myself sucked into the story the way I normally am with books I enjoy. There are lots of great bits and pieces to the story though. I really enjoyed the relationships between Hobie and Theo (and Pippa, I suppose) and between Theo and Boris – how they developed and the realness of their friendships. Even the small characters have been beautifully written – from the doormen to Theo’s father. But, I’ve just been a little disappointed in this book and my inability to get through it.

What did you think of The Goldfinch? Were you able to finish it, and what did you like the most about the story?


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