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Are eggs dairy free?

Since I started sharing dairy free recipes, I have received endless comments questioning whether or not eggs – and products made with eggs, such as mayo – are dairy free. So, I think it’s time I address this not-so-controversial issue – are eggs dairy?

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Are eggs dairy?

The answer is no. But, if you thought eggs were a dairy product, you are not alone. It’s common misconception that stems from the fact that eggs are sold in the dairy section at the grocery store. They also need to be refrigerated (although that’s technically not true and eggs aren’t commonly refrigerated in other countries), which is something we often associate with dairy.

But the bottom line is, eggs are dairy free.

What is considered a dairy product?

For something to be considered a dairy product, it must be made with milk. Foods like butter, cheese and ice cream are all dairy products because they start out as milk and are turned into a new milk-based product.

Since eggs come from a chicken, they can’t be a dairy product.

What category of food are eggs?

Eggs actually fall into the protein category on the food pyramid, and they are most definitely an animal product (which means they are not vegan).

Can you eat eggs on a dairy free diet?

Yes. If you are only eliminating dairy (milk) from your diet, you can definitely eat eggs. This also means that you can eat mayonnaise.

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