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  1. Hi, I am an Army wife and also abroad a lot, currently in Germany, we are very lucky and everything you mentioned above (bar some of the make up items) we do get here in Germany in the shops, I have also lived in France and sometimes it is worth looking for the french/german names of things in advance so when you need them you have a little translations list on your phone (or piece of paper) I find that useful with cuts of meat for example. I now do not take anything with me anymore. But I do understand the make up thing, I love Clinique too, and always buy it when it is on sale or special offer too. Oh and if you love nailpolish watch out for the German (I think) brand called P2, its really nice and lasts for ever! 🙂

    1. I definitely agree with keeping a translated list of ingredients when going to the grocery store in a foreign language! I even kept a little notebook in my purse before I got a smart phone. Where were you able to find some of these grocery items? I would love to know. Maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong place!

  2. Hi! Its been a while since I’ve been in France, but I remember Baking Powder and Soda as well as Cream of Tartar being available in Carrefour.
    In Germany they are def. available and have worked really well for me in UK as well as US (Pinterest!) recipes.
    The packet sauces and dressing mix (as well as reeses pieces and pickled lemons I have bought over (or .fr) but of course they dont weigh much so it would not be such a saving for you. And with regards to cocoa, I like to buy the Caotina one, I always buy two one dark and one milk and then mix as just milk is too sweet, it is very nice, rich and velvety.
    In Germany supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl have speciality weeks, and it is worth it to check their websites (Cheddar cheese!!) Usually one can buy pretty much anything at Edeka or Real unless you are particular about it having to be a certain brand, that is more difficult… Thankfully they have Shreddies which is all that matters to my hubby 🙂

    Loving your recipe for the extra creamy ranch dip, will make it for our next bbq!

    1. Oh yes! I have been to Lidl’s specialty weeks, but I’ve never really found anything that great. It might be because the store we had was fairly small. Who knows, maybe this year, I’ll find more stuff since we’ll be in a new city (and we’ll be closer to Germany, too, so maybe we’ll see more of the stores you mentioned)!

  3. Well if you are in Germany, best thing to do is to go to the biggest Edeka or Real, as chances to find everything you might want are best there (ok, lets face it, it wont be everything).
    But do make sure you go into a DM (Drogeriemarkt) and check out the P2 and Essence Nailpolishes, I found them better than Nails Inc. and they usually have colours similar to the latest Must Have and keep up with other trends as well.
    We are in Bielefeld, so if you are ever in our area, let me know! 🙂

  4. I’m not sure if things are different now but when I lived in Spain a decade ago I couldn’t find real vanilla extract anywhere. I also really like rootbeer and had my parents bring me a bottle of extract when they visited so I could make some and share it with my Spanish friends :-). Food dye was another surprisingly difficult item to source. And of course Reese’s!!

  5. PAM spray!! It’s been two Covid years since I have been so maybe suddenly it has appeared on grocery shelves, I don’t know how they live without it! But I am heading back to France in July and I intend to take a can with me.

    No-salt Mrs. Dash spice mixes: Garlic, Onion, Italian and a couple more like Steak and Southwest Spicy. And lastly, a huge jar of crunchy peanut butter.

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