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Oh, Ellie! You’re 3 months old today. You’re no longer that squishy little sumo-wrestler we brought home from the hospital a few months ago. You’re still big, just in a different way. The doctor says you’re 62 centimeters and 5.3 kilos (about 25 inches and 11 pounds 10 ounces). We’re still wondering what color your eyes will be – they look like they may be leaning towards blue – and you’re hair is getting lighter by the day.

You’ve accomplished so many things over the past month. You learned how to grab things. You’re favorite thing to grab is your Sofie giraffe. You figured out how to roll over, from your back to your belly. I think it surprises you every time. You’ve been trying really hard to sit up, too, but you’re not quite there yet.


Your absolute favorite thing is my polka dot cell phone case. Your little face lights up when you see it (it’s my secret for getting all those happy pictures of you). You also love to talk to the doll on your play mat. You lay there for minutes at a time just chatting away. I love listening to it more than anything.

You’re such a happy baby, especially in the morning, but that’s probably because you’ve started going to bed earlier and sleeping until the morning. All that rest makes for one happy baby, and we love waking up to you.

You’re getting stronger and smarter every single day, and I’m blown away by how perfect you are. We can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for the three of us.

Happy 3 Months, Glowworm!

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  1. how precious! I hope you had a chance to cut a small piece of Ellie’s hair from the back side. ( what little hair you cut will not be missed and will grow in more hair πŸ™‚