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Click here for the printable version of the daily cleaning schedule!

I guess you could say that I have completely failed at my Pinterest challenge. So far, I’ve only posted one other post – the DIY canvas art. I honestly haven’t had time to get any of my projects finished. However, this cleaning schedule has been a work in progress for a while now. In fact, I started it before I started any of the other projects. I just wanted to perfect it before I posted. And, I wanted to make sure it was doable for me and hopefully for others.

I don’t know about you, but I have always had a hard time getting housework done. It seems especially worse now that I’m not working though. I can be sitting on my computer or watching TV thinking, I have all day to get that stuff done, but then it’s the end of the day and nothing is done!

Inspired by this cleaning schedule, I started by choosing some simple daily chores – like doing one load of laundry and making sure the dishes are taken care of before going to be each night – to really get myself in the habit of getting things done. Then I broke up all my “big” tasks throughout the week. This way, I’m not doing too much in one day, but it’s still getting done.

I think the best part about my new daily cleaning schedule is the fact that if something doesn’t actually get done one day – like a load of laundry – it just gets done the next day. As long as I stick to my schedule, the house stays pretty clean and I’m pretty satisfied with myself.

As for the rest of my Pinterest challenge, it may have to wait until after hockey season is over because things are just too crazy here right now!


  1. says

    Someone finally came up with the same schedule I have been pushing for years. Thank you for doing this. Side note, (cringe to say) coffee has a typo. Please forgive me for pointing this out. You can even delete my comment. I hope to print it and place it up and down stairs.

  2. Ann says

    How in the world do you get all the vacuuming and dusting in one day, much less all the vacuuming and mopping? I’m not joking. I really want to know.

  3. ML White says

    What works for one mother goose may not work for another. Inspires to to write a schedule that’d work for my family of 7 and 6 pets. Sweeping is almost hourly but daily is a must :)

  4. Penny says

    I think this list would look great in a frame, hung in the kitchen. Really like the font. Has anyone tried to print this? I would have to agree with Ann. I would have a hard time doing all the vacuuming/mopping in one day. Good list!

    • ateaspoonofhappiness says

      I think if I had a house I would have trouble doing it all in one day too. I was living in a small apartment with only a small floor space to mop, so I totally agree with you guys!

      • Melissa Belanger says

        Consie – I don’t currently have this available in print format, but now that you mention it, I might make that my project for today. Sorry it took so long for me to respond! If you want to print the current one, you will have to save it as a picture and print it in a word (or similar) document.

      • Kevin says

        Right click on the image and select “view image”, or something similar depending on your browser. Then click on “file” in the upper left hand corner of your browser and select print. Easy peezee.

  5. Ashley Antkowiak says

    Love it! I’m going to tailor it to my situation (playroom organizing is a weekly endeavor around here!) but so great as a general guide!

  6. Barbara Hart says

    I love the schedule–have been doing it for about two weeks and have found that with each week it gets easier to do–thanks for printing it and I have passed it around to all my friends. There are two adults and one teenager in our home plus a cat and a dog….

  7. says

    Ahh! This makes me so happy. I’m AWFUL about cleaning – I absolutely abhor it. I always think that maybe if I went and got an “office job” I’d be able to justify getting a maid. But there’s really nothing that could pull me away from what I’m doing now, not even the promise of a maid! I seriously search Pinterest every month for cleaning schedules to make it more “doable” and I’m going to try yours! I love that Saturday and Sunday are so light

    • Melissa Belanger says

      I am seriously bad at cleaning. It’s so hard to stick to the schedule sometimes. I haven’t been that good about it since we’ve been here. I really need to start it again. Maybe Monday would be a good time…

    • Melissa Belanger says

      I’m so sorry the link is not working. I’m trying to get it fixed right now, but it might not happen until the end of the day today!


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